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Latest News Server HideSSH:

All Completed in the maintenance and repair of servers located in the Asia , Americas, Australia and Europe

ISP Provider Bye : AWS Amazon, Vultr , Digital Ocean , Google Cloud Platfrom

New Server :

  1. SSH : America (Canada, United States) , Asia (Japan, Korea, Singapura and Indonesia) and Europe (Germany , France )
  2. Wireguard : America (Canada, United States)
  3. OpenVPN: America (Canada, United States)


  1. before creating an account, first check the server status HERE
  2. if there is a problem creating an account can live chat HERE or Contact US

lifetime SSH account HideSSH

Hide SSH provides you with a lifetime SSH account without expiry time at no charge; but at a slower connection speed.

OpenSSH Port : 22, 143

DropBear Port : 44, 77

SSL Port : 444, 777

Squid Proxy Port : 3128 8888

SL Squid Port : 9090 , 43434

Support WhatsApp Video Calls When your SSH account expires, use this account to online and create a new SSH account by choosing your favorite servers. Don’t forget to choose a new server to try it out and give your feedbacks to us! TOS: General rules apply. Please do NOT repost or re-upload this account. Refer any visitor to this page or to the home page where he/she can make his/her own account from one of our servers.

  1. User : HideSSH
  2. pass : hidessh

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