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All Completed in the maintenance and repair of servers located in the Asia , Americas, Australia and Europe

ISP Provider Bye : AWS Amazon, Vultr , Digital Ocean , Google Cloud Platfrom

New Server :

  1. SSH : America (Canada, United States) , Asia (Japan, Korea, Singapura and Indonesia) and Europe (Germany , France )
  2. Wireguard : America (Canada, United States)
  3. OpenVPN: America (Canada, United States)


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Public Squid Proxy of HieSSH SQUID PROXY LIST

Squid Proxy Hide SSH is a UNIX-based public domain software. The function of Squid is to cache it or store the data requested by the user (client computer), usually in the form of web pages and FTP. The UNIX platforms supported by Squid are FreeBSD, BSDI, Digital Unix, Irix, Linux, Solaris and SunOs. Not all data can be cached by Squid, dynamic data such as CGI-BIN is not cached by Squid,

so every time there is a CGI-BIN request, Squid will contact the destination server directly. Currently the protocols that can be served by Squid are HTTP, FTP, Gopher, and Wais.

To Serve your needs, we strive to always improve the ability of servers to be able to provide the best service. SSH Servers Internet Privacy Exclusive Server.

[ Running = Squid is online / Stopped = Squid is Offline ]

Premium Proxy List ยท HTTP

# Country City Host Protocol Port Status
1 indonesia 1
jakarta HTTP/HTTPS 8888, 3128, 4343,9090 Running
3 Indonesia 2 jakarta HTTP/HTTPS 8888, 3128, 4343,9090 Running

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